Energy Technologies Europe is the European association representing technology providers of state-of-the-art solutions for energy conversion technologies, their components and other related energy services.

Our main purpose is to provide innovative energy technologies for sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy systems.

The transition to a clean energy economy that seeks to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change is well underway, but this shift is something that still requires substantial new investments in low carbon technologies and efficiency.
Technological change alone is not enough, public policy is also essential as a way of driving the implementation of new projects and ultimately fostering the growth of low carbon technologies.

For these reasons, Energy Technologies Europe is active on several fields supporting the development of cutting edge technologies towards a carbon neutral Europe:

Aiming to increase investments in research, development and demonstration of energy technologies to empower the research for the energy transition.

Striving to ensure that energy conversion technologies are appropriately supported and applied in a competitive energy market.

Working to implement Clean Energy Hubs, which gather and link together renewable energy carriers, generation, conversion and storage.

We give a voice at the EU level to suppliers of innovative technologies to produce electricity, heating and cooling as well as generating other products, utilising a multitude of energy sources.

We firmly believe that energy conversion technologies are crucial contributors to a clean, secure and affordable energy supply, and they can act as a driver for sectors such as industry, transport, heating and cooling to reach zero emissions.

Would you like to know more? Look at the events we are attending, find out our publications and drop us a mail at info@eteurope.eu