Valmet has received an automation technology order from the multi-metal company Terrafame for a new battery chemicals plant in Sotkamo, Finland. The plant will start its commercial operation in the beginning of 2021.

The order was included in Valmet’s orders received of the third quarter 2019. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The automation delivery will take place in the summer of 2020 and will be commissioned by the end of 2020.

Our production technology provides an excellent way to produce nickel and cobalt sulphates needed for electric vehicle batteries featuring a low carbon footprint. Automation plays a significant role in our optimized production process,” says Kristian Granit, Head of the Battery Chemicals Plant, Terrafame.

For years, Terrafame has used our Valmet DNA automation systems in its other production processes. We are excited that the company has again chosen our automation technology to control its new battery chemicals plant,” says Kari Karppinen, Sales Director, Automation, Valmet.

Terrafame’s new battery chemicals plant currently under construction in Sotkamo, Finland, will be run with Valmet’s automation technology.

Information about Valmet’s delivery

Valmet’s delivery includes a Valmet DNA automation system, an information management system, a HIMA safety system, Valmet DNA Machine Monitoring, a loop performance application with a server, engineering, testing, commissioning and training. The system equipment will be installed in five subprocess cross-connection rooms and the main control room. It will be connected to the existing Valmet DNA automation systems to form one single automation system.

Information about the customer Terrafame Ltd

Terrafame Ltd is a Finnish multi-metal company producing nickel, zinc, cobalt and copper at its mine and metals production plant located in Sotkamo, Finland. With the battery chemicals plant currently being built, its main product, nickel-cobalt sulfide, will be processed into nickel and cobalt sulphates that are suitable for electric vehicle batteries.