An advanced analytics service delivered by Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW) to Vantaan Energia is helping the Finnish utility company to reduce operating costs while decreasing CO2 emissions from electricity and heat production.

The solution uses real-time process data and SFW’s extensive boiler knowhow to safely maximize the output in the plant’s biomass boiler, meaning fossil fuel-based production from other assets can be reduced. Furthermore, the service enables the harmonization of plant operations between shifts, leading to more consistent and cost-effective production.

“We have already seen significant benefits in terms of the use and optimization of renewable fuels, as well as a reduction in fuel costs”, says Kalle Patomeri, Production Manager at Vantaan Energia.

Customer co-creation was a key to success in this project, framed by service design and lean start-up thinking. During the 14 weeks of development, SFW engineering, services, analytics, and R&D worked closely together with Vantaan Energia’s stakeholders, including plant operators, energy traders, maintenance crew, and IT to deliver an outstanding user experience and value proposition to all functions involved.

The cloud-based solution enables powerful, flexible, and scalable infrastructure to the service. In parallel to the connectivity and cloud infrastructure development, service design thinking steered the development in a customer-centric approach. Besides, the service not only meets but exceeds the security and network requirements, verified by an independent, third-party security audit.

SFW’s project leader Sakari Aulanko comments: “There were multiple decisions, pivots, and outbursts of joy during the very tight 14-week development phase, and what made it happen was having all the top-competencies and empowerment and motivation within the SFW-Vantaan Energia team.”

As part of a continuing partnership, SFW will enhance the analytics service to further improve the plant's reliability, economy, and environmental performance. The service follows SFW’s boiler modernization project that enabled the use of biomass for power production.

To learn more about this service, join our webinar on the 27th of May 2020 at 8:00 or 16:00 (CET). For contact and webinar registration, please visit https://www.shi-fw.com/webinars/using-real-time-data-and-modeling-to-safely-maximize-boiler-output-while-reducing-opex-and-emissions-europe-asia/