On Thursday 5 December, the Finnish presidency and the European Parliament reached a preliminary agreement on the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities. Energy Technologies Europe proposes improvements to ensure that all sustainable low carbon and carbon-neutral technologies are included and that the implementation is more transparent.

This agreement marks the beginning of the last phase of the general rules of the taxonomy. Now that the overarching rules are mostly set, the focus now shifts on the implementation. The implementation phase is extremely important for the taxonomy as it is a work in progress and will be developed over a long period of time to include more and more sustainable economic activities.

Ensuring that the right technologies are included and the right metrics are applied will have a tremendous impact on the actual effectiveness of the taxonomy. Therefore, Energy Technologies Europe prepared the position paper "Towards An Improved Taxonomy", providing three key recommendations for the implementation of the taxonomy.

Read the full Position Paper.

Disclaimer: Some specific amendments have been prepared and included in the Annexes of the Paper. If you are interested to receive them, please write to p.nouvion@eteurope.eu