Hydrogen stands ready to be the next step in the energy evolution that has moved from coal, to natural gas, and most recently to renewables. 

Whether it is hydrogen trains, blended hydrogen and natural gas in heating networks, or gas turbines being converted to use hydrogen, many businesses are already doing just that. What they need now is for governments to be similarly bold in their commitment to a truly decarbonized, hydrogen society.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ latest eBookHydrogen – The next step in Energy Evolution” gets an inside look at the challenges and solutions facing the adoption of a hydrogen economy, including the following industry predictions:

- Why now is the time for a hydrogen energy source
- Which sectors are embracing hydrogen fuel
- The requirements to support the greater use of hydrogen

Hydrogen has the potential to be the miracle energy carrier: It only emits water when used and carbon-free production is feasible. However, major commitments from governments in terms of policy and financial support are needed to turn the theory into reality.

This means concrete action on roadmaps and incentives for specific industries, most notably those carbon-intensive sectors that are difficult to electrify. Collaboration on a global scale between the public and private sectors will be needed to create hydrogen economies.

The eBook “Hydrogen – The next step in Energy Evolution” can be downloaded here: https://stories.mhi.group/hydrogen-the-next-step-in-energy-evolution

On the same topic, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) published the handbook “Hydrogen Power Generation” which is also available for free download at the following link: https://www.mhps.com/catalogue/pdf/mhps_hydrogen_en.pdf