The session ‘Empowering industries to decarbonise with renewable gases’ - in the framework of the EUSEW conference - will take place on 19 June 2019 from 16:00 to 17:30. The session is organised by the Association of Issuing Bodies and Energy Technologies Europe, with the participation of Hydrogen Europe, Eurogas, CertifHy and EFET.

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Europe has a strong experience in empowering consumers to choose green electricity and take responsibility for their impact on the environment. The next step to achieve the EU targets about decarbonisation is having alternatives to natural gas, especially in an industrial context. Renewable gas from a biological origin or biogas or hydrogen generated through electrolysis using electricity from renewable sources can either be used directly or transformed into other gases or liquids. For some industries, these are better alternatives than electrification to achieve decarbonisation. Renewable gases can make use of the existing infrastructures and assets to serve the decarbonisation of Europe.


Setting the scene
16.00-16.10 Introductory remarks - Mr. Hans Van Steen, Acting Director, Dg Energy, European Commission.

16:10 -16:40 Section 1 Decarbonising industry with renewable gases
(chaired by Dirk Van Evercooren, President, Association of Issuing Bodies)
- Renewable and low-carbon gases and fuels and their role in the wider sectoral integration – Mr. Jorgo Chatzimarkakis (Secretary General, Hydrogen Europe)
- What infrastructure is available for renewable gases? – Mr. James Watson (Secretary General, Eurogas)
- What solutions exist and which solutions should we develop to repurpose existing assets for renewable gases? – Mr. Patrick Clerens (Secretary General, Energy Technologies Europe)

16:40 -17:10 Section 2 Lessons learned from electricity for markets of renewable gases
(chaired by Dirk Van Evercooren, President, Association of Issuing Bodies)
- Potential of the markets for renewable electricity, biomethane and renewable hydrogen guarantees of origin – Mr. Jan Van Aken (Secretary General, EFET)
- CertifHy: the hydrogen certification project – Mr. Wouter Vanhoudt (Director Europe, Hinicio)
- Biomethane certification in Austria – Ms. Angela Tschernutter (Energy Expert, E-Control)

Interactive debate (using to collect questions from the room)
17.10-17.15 First reactions from the panelists
17.15-17.30 Q&A session with the audience

More information on the session on the EUSEW website.