bio360 sits at the head of the family of Bees’s events portfolio and brings it all together. It combines Biogaz Europe, Bois Energie and ReGen Europe all under one roof. Covering the whole bioenergy sector and transitioning towards the broader bioeconomy Bio360 provides, as its names suggests, an all round view of the bio-sector.

A broad programme for the two days including a rich international conference programme with simultaneous translation, international business meetings, study tours, the innovation competition etc. make bio360 the unmissable meeting point for 2020!


The Salon Bois Energie (Wood Energy Expo)

Created in 1998, the Salon Bois Energie was the world first event dedicated to the entire wood energy chain from the forest to the flame. Today it is the reference event in France for the industry and municipality wood energy sectors and represents the largest gathering of stakeholders.

Biogaz Europe

Created in 2010, Biogaz Europe was the first event in France dedicated to the biogas sector and is today the reference international exhibition for green, renewable gas. The exhibition brings together the entire sector covering the feedstock supply chain and its pretreatment, the entire process of methanisation and digestate management to energy recovery, including co/tri-generation, upgrading and methanation to biomethane and biognv fuels.

ReGen Europe

Created in 2019, Regen Europe is dedicated to capturing energy and co-products from biomass and waste resource streams.

The calorific content of numerous resources such as residual agricultural wastes, msw, srf, waste rubber granules, dry sludge amongst others can be converted into energy via a range of technologies including anaerobic digestion, torrefaction, pyrolysis, thermolysis, pyrogasification, plasma torch processes etc.The resulting energy forms include heat, chp as well as biomethane through the methanation of syngas

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