Have a seat at the table where legislation is drafted and technical requirements for your technologies are determined.

Learn early how future EU laws influence your business
Shape the message of the energy sector
Participate in the creation and follow the implementation of binding EU technical legislation (BREFs)
Take part in internal and external meetings to emphasise your policy needs

Funding opportunities

Raise awareness, influence and apply for funding opportunities.

The association will help you find the right funding mechanism for your research, development or demonstration project
A network of associations and companies allows you to access consortia demonstrating the technologies together with your clients

New markets

Participate in the development of the Clean Energy Hub.

Promote your technologies as part of the Clean Energy Hub
Demonstrate how your technologies assist the energy and industry sectors increasing their competitiveness and decarbonise

Networking and visibility

Connect with potential clients, policymakers and stakeholders.

Meet the associations’ hub gathering leading companies in the EU energy sector
Speak at high-level events on the future of the EU industry and energy sector

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