Leading the transition to a carbon neutral Europe with cutting edge technologies.


Provide innovative energy technologies for sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy systems.

Energy Technologies Europe is the European association representing technology providers of state-of-the-art solutions for thermal energy, energy conversion technologies, their components and other related energy services.

We give a voice at the EU level to suppliers of innovative technologies to produce electricity, heating and cooling as well as generating other products, utilising a multitude of energy sources, with the firm belief that thermal energy and energy conversion technologies are crucial contributors to a clean, secure and affordable energy supply.

Energy Technologies Europe commits itself to provide and further develop technologies, allowing for European energy conversion to be carbon neutral well before 2050. We will accelerate the achievement of the EU’s decarbonisation goals by enabling other sectors such as industry, transport, heating and cooling to reach zero emissions.

Energy Technologies Europe is a committed actor of the Energy Transition promoting awareness on solutions to achieve a decarbonised society.

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